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Visiting USMedi24 you are encouraged to carefully read the information provided. This includes certain information about services offered which may have separate privacy and security information. USMedi24 recognizes the right to confidentiality of every individual who visits our web site and completely maintains this right. This Privacy Policy outlines the information USMedi24 will collect and how that information will be used. It also provides information on the security means which are used to protect that information.

One of our main priorities is to protect the privacy and to assure the safety of the personal and financial information of our clients and website visitors. You will get a discreet package so nobody will know about your order except you. Besides, we do not indicate the cost of your order on the package - it is sent as a gift. You do not need to pay customs fees.

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your information. The checkout process uses industry-standard SSL encryption that ensures the privacy and security of all your information. Moreover your confidential information and privacy is under reliable protection. Products won't appear on your credit card statement or other system statements.

We prefer to communicate with our customers via email. However you are to indicate the right telephone number otherwise the order may be cancelled by the Address Verification System.

Personal Information

Goodkartonline is dedicated to maintaining all customers privacy. All information collected online is strictly, professionally and exclusively used by Goodkartonline to appropriately care and manage all individuals. When you visit our web site we will not collect your personal data such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, billing data, telephone number etc. unless you provide it to us voluntarily. We also will never collect any personal information from you revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, or details of health, disability or sexual activity or orientation. When you order from our website you have to fill in the form which includes your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number and some other information to complete the ordering process. For security purposes, the card numbers are not kept by USMedi24. does not give, rent, loan or sell any of this information to any third party. The personal information that you provide.when ordering products via our web site is used only for identification purposes and serves to assist you to receive your orders quickly and easily.

Personal Information Security

USMedi24 treats your personal information with the highest level of security. We use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology. This is the most advanced form of security for transactions over the Internet. It means that when you place an order online your personal information is encrypted using SSL encryption technology before being sent over the Internet. It makes it virtually impossible for your credit card details to be intercepted or stolen while being transmitted to our server. Your personal information is always stored in encrypted form in a secure database to prevent theft. The challenge of all web privacy and security codes are constantly changing. Goodkarshop will always remain up-to-date with the use of fire walls and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to help insure that your information is protected and private. USMedi24 limits all staff and employees access to patient information through strict security codes. All staff and employees are oriented to security and privacy policies and are updated regularly. Private password access to various areas of information, purchases and all correspondents is strictly enforced and continuously monitored.

Secure Yourself

Remember to close your browser when you have finished your user session. This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or internet cafe. You as an individual are responsible for the security of and access to your own computer. Be also aware that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information over the internet (for example: in discussion forums, via e-mail, or in chat sites) that this information can be intercepted or collected and used by others.

Terms of Use

Preamble Confidence Medicine, hereinafter referred to as "the Company," "this Company," "Company," "us," or "we." The Company agrees to provide information and broker the sale of the products listed on this and other websites we opporate, hereinafter maybe referred to as "website," on behalf of our partner pharmacies, subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined herein. By accessing, using, or placing orders through this and our other websites, you (the customer) agree to be bound by and accept these Terms of use as stated herein.

Disclosure and Disclaimer The Company operates this website only as a sales referral/broker agent for various pharmacies. The company is not a pharmacy and is not operated by pharmacists, doctors, or any licensed medical professionals. None of the information ever given on this website or in communication by this Company and by its employees, subcontractors, or representatives is given by a pharmacist, doctor, any medical or legal professional and it is not intended to be given as medical or legal advice, nor warranted to be accurate, nor may it be construed as medical or legal advice. Medications offered on this site are available for personal use in up to a 90-day supply. Customers are advised to and are fully responsible for complying with the laws of their jurisdiction and to obtain a prescription if required and to only purchase and take medications as prescribed by their doctor or as is safe and legal to purchase and take without a prescription.

Orders and Payments The Customer may order up to a 90-day supply of each drug for personal use only. Company accepts payments by various methods as presented on the Payment page in the checkout process. After the on-line transaction is complete, the Company will send an email to the email address provided by the Customer, confirming receipt of the order. Orders are not accepted and binding upon Company until shipped by the Company. Prior to that the Company may refund and cancel an order for any reason. The applicable prices for the products ordered are those set forth by the Company on the Website at the time of the acceptance of the order. All orders are final. Company does not accept any responsibility for the Customer ordering correctly, only for delivering what the Customer orders.

Guarantees Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Price guarantee is for net price at same quantity including shipping and delivery guarantee costs. Price guarantee does not apply to websites that only accept payments by money order, moneygram, western union, wire transfer and pay wallets and do not accept eChecks, ACH/BACS, or credit cards and the must be reputable, in business at least one year, and offer live chat and telephone support.

Delivery Guarantee Please see Shipping page to see how many days your order is guaranteed to deliver by. If an order is not delivered within 10 days of the typical shipping time specified on our shipping page we will reship your order free of charge or if we deem your package undeliverable we may opt to refund your full purchase price instead. You must report all non-deliveries within 45 calendar days of shipping or your claim may be refused. When requesting a reship of a late order you must agree that if the original order does eventually deliver as well as the reshipped order then you will also pay for the duplicate order.

Product Quality is Guaranteed! If we fulfill your order incorrectly or it arrives damaged or defective we will reship your order free of charge.

Returns and Cancellations No Returns: We are prohibited from accepting returned medication. Once your order is shipped it cannot be cancelled or returned. If you refuse delivery, return the package to sender, or it is returned to sender because you fail to sign for it, you will not receive credit or refund.

Order Changes or Cancellations: You are advised to be certain of your order before you complete it because your window of opportunity to change or cancel your order is very small. If you request changes or cancellation shortly after placing your order, before we send your order to be fulfilled, it is possible to change or cancel it. However, once we send your order to the fulfillment center it is not possible to cancel it or change it. Depending on when you place your order it may be a few minutes or up to 24 hours before we send it to the fulfillment center. If you need to make changes or cancel an order please let us know immediately and we will do our best. Once an order is sent to the fulfillment center it is final and cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded.

Order Cancellation Charge: If you request and order cancellation and we can cancel you will likely have to pay an order cancellation fee to cover our costs of the payment processing and refund. Depending on how you pay for your order the charge may vary as we only charge you what we are charged. Due to the nature of our industry credit card and check processing companies charge higher rates than for most other industries. Our payment processors charge up to 13% of the transaction amount plus up to $1.50 per transaction to process an order payment. This is not refunded to us if your order is cancelled so we will deduct this from your refund as an order cancellation charge. In addition the payment processors charge up to $35 to cancel the order which we will also deduct from your refund as an order cancellation charge. For some payment types the cost of a refund is lower and for some it is negligible.

Authorization and Release By placing an order with Company, the Customer assumes sole responsibility for insuring that the drugs ordered are in accordance with the Customer's physician's prescription and the laws of the Customer's country of residence and delivery. The Customer further agrees that the medications obtained from the Company are for personal use only and will be used strictly according to the instructions provided by the Customer's prescribing physician. The Customer agrees to release the Company, including its agents, employees, directors and contractors, from any or all liability associated with or connected to the provision or use of the drugs, and any adverse effects that may result from the use of such drugs. The Customer agrees to release the Company, its agents, employees, and contractors from any actions, suits, judgments, obligations, damages or losses, at any time, arising directly or indirectly out of any matter whatsoever, relating to the provision of the drugs according to the order placed by the Customer.

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